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serenaders (83K)
The Arts Village Serenaders were working out of the amazing Tsulu Arts Village complex in Pacific Harbour on the main island of Viti Levu. Althought the Arts Village has suffered a downturn in activity due to the current reduction in Island Tourism, the Serenaders can be seen and heard working in the various resorts on the South Coast. Beautiful harmonies & guitar playing & an eclectic repertoire of Fijian songs with a few English language favourites thrown in.

Listen to these sample songs now!

Bula Malaya

Tagi Ni Yalo

Niu Dau Raica

Domoni Iko
bulaboys (84K)
The Matei Bula Boys can be found working around the Matei Pointe resort on beautiful Taveuni Island to the North East of Viti Levu. These wonderful singers and musicians comprise the standard Fijian line-up of three guitars (Lead, Rhythm and Bass) with the amazingly dexterous Fiji-style ukulele ... which, like a motor, keeps a constant pulsating rhythm throughout each song. This is a very musical and delightfully listenable group

Listen to them here ...

Totoka Tu Na Draki

Vaka Na Cabe Ni Vula

Buna Daulomani

Isa Isa
tavmagic1 (72K)
Taveuni Magic are a wonderful group, also living and playing in the North of the "Garden Island", Taveuni ... presenting once again the standard line-up of three guitars, ukulele and beautiful vocals. Recommended listening here is the outstanding and immensely popular song about the young man on the beach saying goodbye to his pearl-diving girlfriend Lia, who died of the bends collecting the pearl he holds in his hand, and that he was intending to make into a necklace for her.

Enjoy this unique musical experience.

Fiki E

Na I Loloma

Ko Vaka Na

Sa Naku Na

Isa Lei Lia
tavmagic2 (73K)
Taveuni Magic's second CD ... a very rare event for Fijian Village groups. Their music is so worthy of recording ... and they just sat around at a lovo (feast cooked in the ground on hot rocks) and put these songs down one after another with professional ease and precision.

Listen to more of this outstanding Taveuni musical heritage.

Bula Marau Voli

Mai Vuna Na Kavoro

Ko Ira Na Vuna

Mai Yala Koto

E Namalo Ni Matak
mystics (87K)
The Matei Mystics came along just at the last moment before we left Taveuni to return to Australia in April 2009 ... and sat on the floor at Lomalagi for an hour and a half patiently waiting for the brush-cutter next door to be silent ... then put down these amazing tracks one after another like clockwork. This CD was recorded with the legendary RODE NT4 stereo microphone in the customary semi-circle on the floor. It is a beautiful musical work of art.

Listen to the latest "find" from Taveuni, the Garden Isle

Loloma Dina

Bula Rui Vakaloloma

Rui Mosimosi

Isa Noqu Kora

Isa Na Luvequ