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Brendan John Hanley .... Byron Bay Australia


This website is at beta stage and still under construction. After viewing, please click here to continue to FIJI page.

This website will feature the life, music and other aspects of Mookx, his family and friends. At present it is under construction and is emphasising Mookx's current love affair with the Islands of Fiji and their wonderful inhabitants. Much more of Mookx's life interests and pursuits will be featured in due course. So for now, take a trip to Fiji, enjoy the sights and sound and see if you can help assist the work of archiving and preserving the wonderful music of Aussie's neighbouring Island nation ... FIJI.

A bit about Mookx
Mookx is the nickname of Australian veteran musician and songwriter Brendan John Hanley who has lived in the Byron Bay area of NSW for the past 35 years. Born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, he is the surviving younger brother of Brian Hanley, one-time popular trumpeter and band leader in Melbourne in the early sixties. A comprehensive pictorial history of his musical career can be found here. (under construction)

Brian Hanley Band 1960 (33K)

Brian Hanley Jazz Band at Sorrento Sailing Club 1960.
L to R. Barry Veith, Brendan Hanley (at rear), Brian Hanley, John Murray

His many years of recording his own songs, and producing other artists in recording studios and 'live' on stage, in particular the highly successful 'Byron Vista Social Club' ... have left him in a unique position to capture 'field' recordings of regional singers and musicians, especially acoustic performers ... and these skills, combined with today's miniature, portable light-weight 'state-of-the-art' recording equipment and his passion for Pacific Islands and their people has led to the creation of a series of CDs from the Fiji Islands. There are now five recordings in all, and he hopes to continue producing many more over the next decade or so with the support of funding bodies and sponsors.

Not unlike Alan Lomax in the early days of recording in the USA, his work is creating archives of traditional and original songs from a culture that has always handed them down from generation to generation, and which is in danger of losing valuable cultural material due to globalisation and the tendency for the younger members of the Fijian Society ... and everywhere else across the globe for that matter ... to follow trends into Rap, Reggae, Hip Hop and various other forms of Global Corporate product, which diverts them from the preservation of their own musical heritage. Find out more about it here.

Performing at a Pacific Music Festival in Savusavu in 2007, he met with and befriended Seru Serivi, revered Fijian musician and originator of Fiji's popular "Vude" music. pronounced Voon (as in foot) day. Seru was impressed with his work and emphasised the need for such a project, citing one traditional song that had originally almost 40 verses, but that only 17 or so remained in local elders' memories. Such can be the fate of word-of-mouth cultural treasures when the younger community members do not carry the torch of tradition.

Mookx is currently seeking funding to return to Fiji and continue this valuable work of archiving the wonderful music of these magic Islands and their people. If you can help or know someone who might be able to ... please click here to email him and let him know. For more stories and, photos and music from Fiji, click here.
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Mookx met Seru Serivi, father of Fiji's popular "Vude" music while appearing at the South Pacific World Music Festival in Savusavu in November 2007. Seru told Mookx that he valued Mookx's archiving of Fijian Music, a lot of which is becoming obscure and even lost to the younger generation, who are more into global music genres like Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae etc.

mookxsavusavu1 (53K)

Mookx in picturesque Savusavu on the island of Vanua Levu, Fiji

pac_harbour1 (50K)

Mookx and Veda jam with "Serenader" Jone and friends at their village in Pacific Harbour. Listen to their music here.

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Mookx takes photos on the beach in Taveuni for the Taveuni Magic "Lomalagi Lovo" CD cover. Hear their music here.
(Two photos above taken by Parijat.)

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